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AR-837-EA Face Recognition Controller

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Built-in door relay, alarm relay, dures output with multiple output port and function that can be work alone without connecting to extra controler 

RS-485 and TCP/IP communication interface
Built-in set of Alarm, Holiday setting, auto-open zone settings,
Auto-Open Zone editable, input of door contact, offering the alarm system
of both door opening too long and beingforced to open
Lift Contro: 64 floors/32 floors/16 floors
Access Mode: Face only, Card only, PIN only, Card and PIN ,Face and PIN , Face and Card and PIN
Built-in Multi-Output: Door Lock / Alarm / Arming / Duress /Security trigger
(SSC) to enchance security of communication
Built-in Watch Dog to prevent the halting, Ingress Protection,
User capacity:16,000 / 32,000 / 65,000
Data reduancy while system disconnected, identify users and
store event log up to 32000 records
2 Exit Switch, Door Contact and Door Output to wiegand
125kHz and 13.56MHz can be used simultaneously two channelsIntelligent to shift for standalone or networking mode
while system disconnected
Capacitor Door Bell Button: Built-in independent capacitor doorbell button and doorbell output,
which can be used with various types of door bells for visitors.


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